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The Proof Is In The Results! Revolutionizing the way children learn to read while encouraging them to read more and read better.


"Any student who is sitting and watching these Reading Movies, even though they think that they are just watching a movie that is entertaining to them, their brains are seeing words, they are comprehending words, they are reading whether they realize that they are or not. Think about it, if they sit down and watch a couple of these movies each week, they are spending ten hours a week reading and of course that’s going to benefit any child. These Reading Movies are absolutely revolutionary, by combining education with entertainment."


"Reading Movies makes the student read with the fluency that he understands spoken language. This is the power of this program which excites me like no other I have known in over 30 years that I have studied and taught Reading and Language Arts and Sciences. These Reading Movies takes the language as it is spoken and written and integrates it fully into the entertainment. So as the students are enjoying the movie and following along with the spoken words, the written words are right there and become identified in the minds of the students, with the spoken words, and that is the thing that makes for a good reader and for a good reader to become a master reader.”


"I have seen a big change in my daughter’s and even in my life, because no matter what language you speak at home, Reading Movies gives you the skills to read better"


"..After they watch these movies they want to read and they want to do it on their own. I have already seen it improve my daughters reading level. As soon as she finished watching 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, she went to the school library and took out the book and read it. This was the first book she took out."


DJ went from a C, D, F average in school, but since we got Reading Movies, DJ has been averaging B’s and sometimes A’s. He surprised even me, because now he just wants to read and read and read.


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This bizarre tale of an 18th-century Englishman who travels to distant lands that are strange beyond his imagination.

With Adam Wiley, Molly Orr, Justin Ross and George Cranford Music by Cory Lerios and John D’Andria Written Produced and Directed by Michael Kruzan


While setting sail in search of a green eyed sea monster, eleven year old Beth, her brother, Pierre and a skilled harpoonist, Ned, become unwilling passengers on a futuristic submarine, run by a brilliant, but eccentric, scientist.

With Adam Wiley, Molly Orr, Justin Ross and Philip Van Dyke. Music by Cory Lerios and John D’Andria. Written Produced and Directed by Michael Kruzan


Homer’s legendary tale of superhuman creatures, monsters and mortals takes place in ancient Greece, some 3000 years ago.

With Adam Wiley, Molly Orr, Justin Ross, Philip Van Dyke and George Cranford. Music by Cory Lerios and John D’Andria. Written Produced and Directed by Michael Kruzan

The retelling of three historic literary tales.

Guaranteed to encourage reading, develop vocabulary and language skills, and will ultimately improve grades. All accomplished by turning children’s TV time into Reading time, while they are being entertained by an exciting movie.

These movies were specially produced, using a team of educators and reading specialists, who incorporated the spelling of over 10,000 vocabulary building words for children, kindergarten through eighth grade and up. These words, which are literally spelled on screen, recur several times throughout the movies. They appear in sentences as part of the dialogue, and this triggers what cognitive scientists, who have viewed these movies, call “unintended reading”. This is achieved by repeated exposure, while the child is being entertained. Additionally, all three of these movies were cast with the same well-known child actors. This unique feature of visual and vocal continuity causes children to have a higher basis of familiarity with the stories, resulting in accelerated reading improvement and comprehension.



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