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The Proof Is In The Results! Revolutionizing the way children learn to read while encouraging them to read more and read better.


"Any student who is sitting and watching these Reading Movies, even though they think that they are just watching a movie that is entertaining to them, their brains are seeing words, they are comprehending words, they are reading whether they realize that they are or not. Think about it, if they sit down and watch a couple of these movies each week, they are spending ten hours a week reading and of course that’s going to benefit any child. These Reading Movies are absolutely revolutionary, by combining education with entertainment."


"Reading Movies makes the student read with the fluency that he understands spoken language. This is the power of this program which excites me like no other I have known in over 30 years that I have studied and taught Reading and Language Arts and Sciences. These Reading Movies takes the language as it is spoken and written and integrates it fully into the entertainment. So as the students are enjoying the movie and following along with the spoken words, the written words are right there and become identified in the minds of the students, with the spoken words, and that is the thing that makes for a good reader and for a good reader to become a master reader.”


"I have seen a big change in my daughter’s and even in my life, because no matter what language you speak at home, Reading Movies gives you the skills to read better"


"..After they watch these movies they want to read and they want to do it on their own. I have already seen it improve my daughters reading level. As soon as she finished watching 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, she went to the school library and took out the book and read it. This was the first book she took out."


DJ went from a C, D, F average in school, but since we got Reading Movies, DJ has been averaging B’s and sometimes A’s. He surprised even me, because now he just wants to read and read and read.

Len Anthony Smith is a prolific producer, director and studio executive with an excellent multifaceted background in both the creative and business sides of the entertainment industries. In addition to writing, directing and producing motion pictures, stage plays music recordings and electronic media; he has also been an innovative and driving force in their marketing and distribution. He has had nearly two decades of service within the Hollywood Studio System of marketing and distribution within the entertainment industry having served as the VP of International Marketing and subsequently as CEO of Studio Entertainment Corp. As Studio’s head of marketing he has traveled extensively producing, purchasing, distributing film and music products in such industry venues as the Cannes film festival, the Milfed film market in Italy, the Midem music market in France and the American film market in Hollywood. His tenure at Studio Entertainment has been featured in such publications as Billboard Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, American Film, and Video Business.

As President and CEO of Studio Entertainment, Len Anthony’s portfolio covered the entire spectrum of management and marketing. This included using a budget of $22 million in the production and acquisition of new product, and the creative conceptualization and implementation of marketing campaigns through trailers, television, print advertising and graphic design.

As a Filmaker Len joined forces with Intercine Studios of Indonesia to produce ‘Lady Terminator’ for a successful U.S. theatrical release by Studio Entertainment. In addition to scores of Theatrical, Home video and Television products, the Studio also released several motion pictures, directed by Len. These including ‘Mindstalk’, featuring Ian Buchanan and ‘Tarot’, which featured Duane Jones of the cult classic ‘Night of the Living Dead’. Len also directed and produced the music-video album of the Rock group known as ‘Verite’ and the soundtrack albums of ‘Murderous Intent’, ‘Abadon’ and the hit single ‘Ring of Fire’. Len also wrote the screenplays for the features “Murderous Intent”, ‘Abadon’, ‘Suder’ and ‘The Ripped Curtain’.

With formal training at the National School of Drama in Jamaica and graduating to becoming a featured actor in the National Theatre Company, he went on to co-direct Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” with his mentor Dr. Carroll Dawes, a biographer of acclaimed English Director Peter Brook. Among his subsequent directorial works are “Malfinis” by Roderick Walcott, “Ione”, “Dream on Monkey Mountain” both by Derek Walcott and Errol Hill’s folk musical “Man Better Man”. His play, “Tropic Death”, won him a playwrights award from The Extra Mural Arts Council, and his staging of Edward Albee’s’ “The Zoo Story”, won him a Best Directors Award. Under the patronage of Nobel Prize winner for literature, Derek Walcott, Len founded and was artistic director of CTW, an experimental theatre company which presented his critically acclaimed Production in the round, “A Song for Mumu”. In 2002 Len directed the new American drama ‘REFLECTIONS’, written by Joseph Koster. ‘REFLECTIONS’ opened Off- Broadway at the famed Cherry Lane Theatre to rave reviews, as his tenure as a Director in the Actor’s Studio’s MFA program at New School University ended.

Len is currently the President of The Len Anthony Studio, a full service movie, publishing and multi media production company, based in New York City. He is also the Executive Producer and CEO of SPECIALLY FOR KIDS MEDIA CORP where he has pioneered a revolutionary new concept of using Children’s movies, utilizing a new and patented media technology, to teach, encourage and improve reading and language skills to children internationally.

Len Anthony Smith’s academic background has steered him through a BA in Theater and English and an Associate BS in Photography, to a career launching fine arts degree in Film Production from the School of Visual Arts and his business initiating work in the graduate diploma program in Arts Management at Adelphi University.


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